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International Guitar Festival

GuitArt Festival Plovdiv is an event driven by the local musical community and our passion for the Guitar, as an instrument that has the ability to unite musicians and hobbyists from diverse cultural backgrounds. As one of the most popular, and widely played musical instruments, we will be celebrating the Guitar in all its facets, its place in the development of pop and rock music, its classical music heritage, and the joys it brings to the people who play and listen to it.

Festival mission: To be an educational and social platform for the development of Bulgarian musical talent, and to underscore the place of the Guitar in the history and development of modern music across the globe.

Festival vision: We want to immerse our paying customers and casual visitors alike in the world of the guitar in all its colors. We aim to achieve this through the organisation of workshops, seminars, and masterclasses with Bulgarian, regional, and world-renowned guitarists and educators, and by putting together a program features: exposition of Bulgarian guitar manufacturers and musical instrument importers, free lessons, local artist showcases, film screenings and children’s activities.

Festival location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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