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4.11. Thursday


17.00 – Concert by the EuroStrings Artists:

Bee Bop Café

Jack Hancher, England

Winner of the GuitART Competition 2020

Eleonora Perretta, Italy 

Filip Miskovic, Croatia 

19.00 – Concert by Lovro Peretic, Croatia 

Winner of the 3rd ES Guitar Competition

Bee Bop Café

21:00 – Concert by „Pop&Rock Meet‘s Jazz“

Bee Bop Café


5.11. Friday


10.00 – Masterclasses by Pavel Steidl with EuroStrings Artists

Bee Bop Café

16.00 – Lecture for ESA

19.00 – online Concert by Darko Bageski, North Macedonia 

21:00 – Concert by „Cinga Manga Funk“

Bee Bop Café


6.11. Saturday


10.00 – Masterclasses by the EuroStrings Artists with young Bulgarian guitarists

ADMFA, Plovdiv

16.00 – ESA Showcase for children

House for musical magic “Divizi”, Plovdiv

18.30 – Concert by Pavel Steidl, Czech Republic

Bee Bop Café

20.00 – Concert by „Real…mente Napoli”, Italy 

Bee Bop Café

21.00 – Concert by Alexander Lekov Trio

Bee Bop Café


7.11. Sunday


10.00 – Online Guitar Competition „GuitArt” Plovdiv 2021


19.00 – Announcement of the Winners of the Competition

Final Concert by Vlatko Stefanovski

Bee Bop Café